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RED Digital Cinema Announces a Holographic Phone

RED Digital Cinema has announced a new product category for their lineup.  A Holographic Phone. See the PDF for the details I don't really get it. ...

Red to announce new product July 6

Red to announce a new product on July 6th. Lot of speculation.  An astute person has posted a Patent, which may or may not be...
panasonic EVA1

Panasonic previews their new AU-EVA1 5.7k S35 cinema camera – $8000

At Cinegear 2017, Panasonic previewed their new 5.7k S35 cinema camera to a packed audience at the Paramount Theatre. The 5.7k camera records internal 4K,...

NAB 2017 – Black Magic Design

Black Magic Design has announced some great upgrades to their lineup, especially Davinci Resolve 14.  Their announcement is a lot more focused and seems...