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NAB 2018 – Vaxis 2018 Family revealed

Vaxis wireless systems arrived on the scene a couple of years ago, competing with industry standards such as Teradek and Paralynx (Both owned by...

DJI Announced Ronin-S Single Hand Stabilizer at CES 2018

DJI announces the Ronin-S, a single hand stabilizer for dSLR or mirrorless cameras. From the DJI Press Release (my take after the official press release): "Ronin-S...

Tilta Nucleus M SHIPPING!

I know, it's sort of hard to believe.  But yes, the Titla Nucleus M is shipping.  At least to the first 25 or so...

RED Digital Cinema Announces a Holographic Phone

RED Digital Cinema has announced a new product category for their lineup.  A Holographic Phone. See the PDF for the details I don't really get it. ...
IDX C98 and C198 Batteries

Batteries at Cinegear 2017

It's time I got new batteries.  My V-mounts are from 2008 and came with my Red One, so their life span is nearing the...