CineTech Show Episode 11 – Post NAB


After all the NAB per-announcements, we dive into what was released and announced at NAB.

Sony FS-5 MK2 – updated color science and a new black button on the side.
No 4k 60, no 10 bit 422 in camera, but more options for raw out including more frame rates.

Black Magic Pocket 4K – Dual ISO, 400, 3200 – ProRes 60fps, Cinema DNG raw, 4k DCI, MTF lens mount.  Mini XLR input with phantom.  1/8″ stereo audio input as well.  Yes it has two inputs.  This is what everyone is talking about and what everyone wants in a camera.

Atomos V – 5″ HDMI recorder. – Prores recorder and high bright monitor.
Atlas Lens Co Anamorphics – Showing more lenses in their B-set
Tokina ATX 11-20 – an update to the Tokina 11-16
Tokina Cinema Vista 105mm Lens