NAB 2018 – Atlas Lens Co shows off three new focal lengths


Atlas Lens Co, the new anamorphic lens maker, has announced three new focal lengths to flesh out their lineup.

The original three lenses, the 40mm, 65mm, and 100mm T2 are almost ready to ship, after a slight delay from Q1, 2018.   They are expected to ship in Q2, which is right around the corner.

I was able to get my hands on the 65mm at Cinegear last year, and it was stunning.  It was a modern lens housing with modern elements, but it also had character.   I put it on this spectrum closer to Arri Master Anamorphics than Vintage Lomos.

At NAB 2018 they are showing off three new lenses which they call their “B Set”, a 32mm, 50mm, and 80mm.   Remember that these are 2X anamorphics, so your field of view is nearly half of the focal length, so that 32mm is very wide.   It will have a horizontal field of view of a 16mm, but the lens characteristics of a 32mm.

These modern lenses have interchangeable lens mounts, which is key for a DP and rental company like me.  They have PL, EF, and have said MFT lens mount as well.  I look forward to popping the new Black Magic Cinema Camera on the back of these lenses!  I’m curious to see how a speed booster works with these lenses on MFT.

Each of these lenses is available for pre-order with a deposit of $4999 for a single lens, or $7995 for all three.

Radium Camera put in an early pre-order for the original “A Set” of three lenses, and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival in the South Bay.