NAB 2018 – Sony Live Stream Announcement


On Sunday, April 8, 2018, Sony live streamed their press announcement and these are the highlights for the Cine Tech Show.

The first thing that I noticed is that the cameras are white balanced for the screen at Daylight, and the lighting on the stage is tungsten.  It’s hard to concentrate with such a stupid production choice.    It seems like they went with their AV vendor recommendations rather than, you know, production people.  What’s the point of being professional with this crap.  Anyway, the media solutions guy is talking about cloud switching and a cloud master control.  Not for us in Cinema anyway.

Finally, the motions picture camera guy, Peter Crithary.

4K HDR new cameras

Erp, a couple of handycams.  Good for what they are.

FS5!  Yes, this is it.  Our prediction is true!

New color Science (which is good, because I had some real issues with the FS5 colors)
Refined picture tonality
Various HFR mode
RAW output
Variable ND

Sony Venice
Firmware update to include variable frame rates and new Dual ISO at 500 and 2500.
MultiDyne fiber module for the Sony Venice.
Teradek Bolt transmitter module

UHC-8300 8K Broadcast camera

So, that’s kind of it.  I’ll update a separate post as soon as FS5 Mk 2 is out