NAB 2018 – Vaxis 2018 Family revealed


Vaxis wireless systems arrived on the scene a couple of years ago, competing with industry standards such as Teradek and Paralynx (Both owned by Vitech Group).  I was ready to purchase my first wireless kit last fall and was eagerly awaiting the Black Friday deals.  I was pretty much sold on the Teradek Bolt 500, but when Vaxis announced the Storm 500+ at half the cost, it was something I just could not ignore.  I quickly jumped at the chance and was #7 on their Black Friday group buy.

Since that day, I’ve been a huge proponent of the company and their products.  I really love the Vaxis Storm.

A week or so before NAB 2018, they started teasing their new products and have now released their entire family of 2018 products.

Vaxis Wireless Family 2018

Starting on the left is the Vaxis Storm 055 Focus Monitor.  It features an integrated 5.5” LCD with Storm 1000+ Receiver, an IPS Screen at 1000 nits running 1080P Full HD.

It’s compatible with all models of the Storm, such as the 500, 500+, 1000+, and 1200ft.

Following that is the Storm 3000ft, a stand alone antenna array receiver compatible with storm transmitters.

The Vaxis Thor 800+ and 2000+ are brand new products in the family.  They feature DFS (Dynamic Frequency Selection) SDI loop out (missing on the Storm, but the storm as both HDMI and SDI inputs) and built in HDMI/SDI converter on the receiver, so you can plug into either type of input.

Vaxis Storm 100ft Mini

Last new product in the lineup is the Vaxis Storm 100ft Mini.  It’s main feature is fixing the black screen playback problem on the Arri Alexa Mini.

So, that’s the new lineup.  I am really hoping to add at least a couple of these items to the Radium Camera rental inventory, specifically the Storm Monitor and the Storm 1000ft.   We discuss the Storm 500+ in episode 7 of the podcast.