CineTech Show 010 – NAB 2018 Predictions

It’s that time of year again, where Chris Peoples and Thomas Koch get all their predictions wrong about NAB.

As always, the CineTech Show is sponsored by Radium Camera, Silicon Valley camera rental, recorded in the Volanti Verticles Sound Booth at The Cinema Exchange.

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Vaxis Thor 800+, 2000+ wireless video transmitters with Dynamic Frequency Shift. $2499 for 1:1 unit.
Vaxis Storm 3000ft receiver which works with Storm 500+ and 1000+.
Canon C700 FF – It’s the size of the C700 but with added Full frame sensor.
RED Gemini 5K – Dual ISO 800, 3200.  Taller than helium designed for Anamorphic Shooting.
Kinefinity Mavo and Mavo LF – 6K S35 and 6KFF digital cinema cameras
Panasonic EVA-1 Firmware update adds some needed functionality to the camera.
Canon C200 – still lacks 10-bit and probably always will.  Chris refuses to answer which one he would buy, if he were to buy.


Black Magic Pocket Camera 2 with 4K – Chris would buy it immediately.
Updated Ursa Mini Pro with a usable ISO 3200.  (Ursa Mini 4.6 Gimbal size)
Sony A7s 3 –
Sony FS5 MK II – 4K 60 8-bit.
Sony A6700 at Photokina
Canon C400 or C600 or C300 MK3 (Way too many products)


Tilta Nuclues M- with 2 Motors.  Focus and Zoom
Vaxis Storm 500+
Ronin MX Gimbal
We did not use the tilta G2X but we didn’t.