Cinetech Show Episode 009 for March 15, 2018


Christopher Peoples and Thomas Koch discuss the news of the day, and some recent productions.

Recorded at the Cinema Exchange in the Volanti Visuals Whisper Room.
Sponsored by Radium Camera.

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Like Radium Camera and CineTech Show on Facebook for a chance to win rental credit.

Sharp and Red tease an 8K 70″ display
Ronin-S still not shipping
Ikan Pivot – 8lb payload, angled single handle
Pilotfly single hand gimbal
FujiFilm X100s and the FujiFilm XH1 and MKX 50-135

Chris and Thomas travel to Korea with Sony A6500s and Sony A7r2.
Brightcast LEDs available for rent in the Radium Camera inventory.
Manfrotto 502 and Manfrotto 755XB
Sony xlr-k2m Audio interface for the Sony Cameras

Last Line of Defense
Sharieff Walters and J. Michael Silver in Last Line of Defense

Last Line of Defense
Written by Sharieff Walters, Directed by Catherine Taylor, starring Sharieff Walters and J. Michael Silver
Shot on Red Epic-W Helium at 6K and Cooke 18-100 T3 Zoom Lens.
Aputure 300D with 1/2 straw as the main light for the whole scene, Leko 750 with 1/2CTB for the background.

Corporate Shoot

Red Weapon Helium 8k with audio dropouts on firmware 7.1, Zeiss CZ 28-80 zoom.

Corporate Ronin-mx shoot

Alexa Mini on the Ronin-MX.  Used a crazy weight distribution to mount the camera.

Ronin-MX with the Alexa Mini


New EOS Cinema Camera (Thomas thinks it’ll be a C100 with 4k, Chris doesn’t think so)
Sony FS5 MK II (Just like last year’s failed prediction)
More wrong predictions to come!