CineTech Show Podcast #6 – Literally one of the best 6 episodes we’ve done.


The CineTech Show Podcast #6 – Literally one of the best 6 episodes we’ve done.

Thomas A. Koch and Christopher Peoples discuss some of the newest gear and the Black Friday gear scores.

Thomas’ #7 Tilta Nuclues M From the Red user group buy, and #7 on the Vaxis storm 500+ Group buy.  Chris got a cart.  He really finally got a cart.  This should be one of the first purchases we make in production.  Then C-Stands and sand bags.

Chris gets some hands on with the FS7 shooting 1080 Long GOP!  Thomas shoots on an Sony FS5 on a Movi.  The only downside was hitting the record button on the camera.

Then they get a little rambly about things such as menus and the Tilta Nuclues-M Menu, and Chris called Sony Engineer’s a bunch of monkeys throwing menu items into a bin and where it lands it lands.  They deep dive into the Titla Nuclues-M.

NOTE: There is a way to calibrate with just the hand grips on the Titla, but it’s an auto calibration so there is a trick when using lenses without hard stops.

Then Chris blames Thomas’ troubles as user error (which it definitely could be).

Then they discuss shooting with the Ready Rig versus the EZ Rig.

Thomas wins Best Editor in a short film for “Extramaritals,” in the Berlin International Filmmaker Festival, and then mildly disses the festival that he won at.

Then they discuss Radium Camera, a new South Bay rental house located inside The Cinema Exchange.