Cinetech Show Episode 5 – No Really, Episode 5

CineTech Show Episode 5

Some strange things are afoot at the Circle K.  Well, I guess, more of mistakes than strange things.  Anyway, long after we recorded it, here is Episode 5 of the Cinetech show!

Disclaimer:  I’ve never been disappointed with the RC podcast, just wanted more of it!

Thomas A. Koch and Chris Peoples discuss a recent test between the FS7 MK II and the Ursa Mini Pro.  But they don’t really talk about it.  Chris shoots a documentary with the Sony A6500 and the Ronin-M.

They discuss the Canon EOS C200 dual pixel autofocus and moving away from mirrorless cameras.

They discuss the Rhino Slider and how great it is, and the lacking of the Redrock one man band.  Chris get’s yelled at for being in the Redrock Micro booth.

No, the tilta hasn’t arrived yet.  (UPDATE: It’s totally here now, and awesome)

They discuss a recent camera test that they took part of. RED Helium 8K, Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro, FS7 MK II, and the Alexa EV.