IBC 2017 Coverage


Who am I kidding?  There is not IBC coverage here.

I’m out on a shoot this week, so reading press releases and writing opinions will just have to wait.  In the meantime, there’s great coverage at all the usual spots.

Here’s my IBC update.

Tilta Nucleus M  – Follow Focus  – Not Shipping
Tilta Nucleus N – Follow Focus – Please just ship the M.
IDX C98 and C198 Batteries – Not Shipping

Black Magic Design SSD drive for the Ursa Mini Pro – Now claims to be a mirror only record of the CFast cards.  So you can’t use it stand alone and not bother with CFast cards?  It’s not shipping yet, so a test will be needed when it does.

EVA-1 Footage is out.  A couple of shorts.  I voted for Pedro.

Red’s customer pricing and upgrades end in just a few days.  They added a stealth Scarlet W upgrade path, but it’s not a very good deal unless you have a Red one or scarlet MX laying around.