CineTech Show Episode 4 – Red Emergency Phone


Thomas A. Koch and Chris People discuss their recent production adventures and dissect the Red phone announcement, er pdf dump.  It was strange episode, that started off with scampering dogs and ends with some odd distortion from the recording.  Is it because I still use a Firewire 400 audio interface?

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Show Notes:

Thomas runs and guns with a Ronin-MX, a Sony A6500, and a Ready-Rig. 

Thomas has acquired 4 Diva 400 series lights, plus a Gaffer Kit.  All of which are available for rent at

Chris has spent the last month writing a beer campaign, that had a budget, a character, a location and a release date.  No pressure.

PhilmColor LUTS Used in Color Grading the Extramaritals short film.

Red Has released a Holographic phone called the Hydrogen One, which also sounds as ominous as referring to The Great War as World War 1 in 1920.