Batteries at Cinegear 2017

IDX C98 and C198 Batteries

It’s time I got new batteries.  My V-mounts are from 2008 and came with my Red One, so their life span is nearing the end.

Things are a lot different today for battery technology, changing significantly in the last year.  With all of the accessories, like Follow Focus motors, Monitors, and recorders attached to a camera, batteries have a lot more power demand.

Most manufacturers have recently, or will in the next few months be releasing new high output batteries.  The cells are almost all from Panasonic/Sanyo and are arriving at assembly facilities or factories in the next couple of weeks for most batteries.

These are also high density cells, so the batteries themselves can now be made smaller, or larger for massive batteries.

IDX – Duo C-Series.
The Enduro Duo C98 and C198 are their latest batteries with high/low output, dual d-tap, and USB power.  They are replacing the Enduro Duo 95wh and 198wh batteries at the same price point.  These seems to be the least expensive option.  They are shorter than older V-mount batteries, well constructed and super slim.  Roughly $298 for the C98 battery.

IDX C98 and C198 Batteries

C98 on the left. C198 on the right.
Power indicator lights are visible from the side or rear of the battery.

Blueshape – Granite Mini
These batteries are short.  Very short.  Compact.  Looking at the photos online, I thought they were much larger than they are.  However, they are not cheap.  Next to the standard size batteries they are a ton shorter.  The 95wh and 140wh use the same size shell.  The 95wh battery is $449!  Pricey.  The 140wh is $499.

Size difference

Hypercore 9 mini.

The smallest that I saw at Cinegear by far.  Short, small, high draw.  Very impressive.  I was so impressed, I didn’t get a photo of it.  Not a bad price, at $329 street for the 98wh battery.  Still more than the idx, but this thing is tiny.

As with all Li-on batteries now, batteries under 100wh, can be flown in unlimited quantity in the US.  Over that, you are limited to two in your carry on.  *TSA rules seems to be ever evolving.  check the latest rules before flying.*

I’m torn, but I think I’m going to invest in mostly IDX batteries due to the build quality, size, price, battery indicator light (visible from the side and directly behind the battery).

If you are traveling to San Jose for a shoot and don’t want to lug your batteries around, we will have them for rent at South Bay Cine shortly.