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Red to announce new product July 6

Red to announce a new product on July 6th. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?159228-Major-Announcement-July-6th Lot of speculation.  An astute person has posted a Patent, which may or may not be...

New Podcast Feed and Episode 003

With most new ventures, we ran into some growing pains and need to switch our RSS feed for itunes as well as direct subscription. Here...
IDX C98 and C198 Batteries

Batteries at Cinegear 2017

It's time I got new batteries.  My V-mounts are from 2008 and came with my Red One, so their life span is nearing the...
panasonic EVA1

Panasonic previews their new AU-EVA1 5.7k S35 cinema camera – $8000

At Cinegear 2017, Panasonic previewed their new 5.7k S35 cinema camera to a packed audience at the Paramount Theatre. The 5.7k camera records internal 4K,...