Shooting the ChiliCali Kickstarter Videos


Chris Peoples and I recently got the chance to help out an amazing Kickstarter project for ChiliCali Sauces.  You can see the video below:

The main interview was shot with the Sony A7S to an Atomos Shogun in 4K Prores.  A B-Camera was the Sony A6500.  The B-camera didn’t make the main video, but features prominently in the Testimonial video at the Kickstarter Campaign.

The bulk of the b-roll was shot on the A6500 and a DJI Ronin-M, specifically most of the kitchen shots.  The farmers market shots were all the DJI OSMO, successfully keeping a low profile.

The product shots were a combination of A7S to Shogun and the DJI Osmo.  I flipped the Osmo to 1080P 60 for the slow motion.

The project was a by a Kino Flo Diva 201 and natural lighting from a huge window.

Editing in Premiere Pro CC and Color in Davinci Resolve.

Honestly, the reason for this post, is that these Sauces are excellent and I really want this Kickstarter to finish strong.  Since the shoot, I’ve been making flavored rice in the rice cooker and use the Sambal as a flavored hot sauce.  So good.  Take a look, and get yourself a jar of some awesome cooking sauces.