NAB 2017 – Black Magic Design


Black Magic Design has announced some great upgrades to their lineup, especially Davinci Resolve 14.  Their announcement is a lot more focused and seems to finally be the new trend, of only announcing products that are actually available or available soon.

Davinci Resolve 14

Davinci Resolve 14 – Price reduced to $299.

  • No dongle required, but still available for switching workstations with one license.
  • 10X Performance!  Need to test, but this could be huge.  They spoke in great detail about h.264 playback, but I need .r3d speed improvements.
  • Audio enhancements – that’s the big problem to solve.  They’ve bought fairlight, and integrated that into resolve.
  • Surround Sound including, 22.1 surround.
  • Collaboration Tools (locking bins, secure chat without the internet)
  • Fairlight 5 Bay Console. modules that mix and match and allow you to grow over time.
    Color Page.  Added effects.
  • Face refinement effect.  Tracks face. and deconstructs the face, and allows individual elements of the face like lips, eyes, skin, etc.
  • Timeline compare looks really powerful
  • Public Beta available today.

Ursa Mini Pro – secret hidden feature
Bluetooth.  App to control camera and meta data.

Video scopes on video assist 4K


ATEM Television Studio Pro

Atem Television STudio Pro HD – $2295

  • Comes as a control surface.
  • 8 sources (4 SDI inputs, 4 HDMI inputs)
  • 4 SDI outputs
  • Analog audio inputs
  • Built in MultiView
  • 2D DVE
  • Talk back with supported black magic cameras
  • Chroma Keyer
  • Aux SDI output