NAB – 2017 Sony Press Stream


Highlights from the NAB Sony Press conference on Sunday April 23, 2017

Thunderbolt 2 XQD (Or was that SxS?) card reader. Sony AXS-AR1

120P on the FS5






That’s it.

See below for thoughts while watching the stream:

CineTech Show is watching the Sony Press stream from NAB 2017 and I will highlight the things I find interesting.

Lots of blah blah blah up front.  Lots of broadcast blah blah blah.  (This is a broadcasting convention after all.)

UMC-S3CA 360 degree camera.

New Firmware for F5 and F55, now supporting X-OCN media codec on the AXS-R5  raw recorder.

Thunderbolt 2 Card reader for F5 and F55.

Media Asset Management called Navigator-X.  The X must stand for eXtreme media management!

Optical disk archive Gen 2.  I’ll stick with LTO tape.

Lot’s more broadcast Blah blah blah (I’m booking tickets to Cinegear)

Winner of the internet in the live stream. Toby Jones says, “His lav mic is bigger than my aspirations in life.”