NAB 2017 – Canon Releases 2nd lens in a perplexing Cinema T4.4 lineup


Read the official Canon press release.

Canon has released a second compact cine zoom with an outstandingly slow T4.4, the CN-E 70-200.  This lens hits so many other checkboxes though, it might be worth testing out or using if you know you can deal with the slow aperture.    For starters, it covers the range of 70-200 which, with the CN-E 18-80 Cine Zoom completes the range of almost every film.  Honestly, when shooting S35 sized sensors, I rarely go beyond 85mm, and then only to the 100mm.  So really, This lens is even more perplexing.  70-200 makes sense on a full frame sensor, but not so much on super 35.  Then to stick a T4.4 on it.  What were they thinking?

Just writing this makes me want to look at the EZ lens lineup from Angenieux again.  While twice the price as these lenses, they seem way more practical.

Anyway, back to what the lens has going for it.  Image stabilization on a cine zoom.  Cool.  Internal focus motors on a Cine Zoom.  Cool.  I can use an ipad to pull focus with the Red Epic-W.  Wait.  Does this have focus stops, or will the lens spin and spin and spin, negating the the whole point of having a cine zoom?  Yep, it will spin and spin.  Guess, that whole shooting with an AC pulling focus thing is out.

I recently was looking for a cine zoom for a short film, because we had to move really fast.  In my budget range, I found the 18-80.  It if were T3, I would have rented it in a heartbeat.  However, it wasn’t.  And we had two days exactly half each day inside and half each day outside.  I needed T3 for that.  Or heck, even faster.  How about those Angenieux EZ series lenses?  The EZ-2 is 22mm-60mm in Full Frame T3 configuration, or 15-40 in S35 T2 configuration.  (Honestly would love an18-45 T2.2 Dragon 6K or Helium 8K coverage option, but hey, that would require another optical block to be made.)

For a glowing review with great buzzwords such as “cinematographers will appreciate the go to zoom lens combined with cinema mechanics,” check out this video from B and H Photo: