NAB 2017 – Bright Tangerine to announce major new accessories

While, nothing is official yet, word around the internet is that bright tangerine is releasing camera cages and accessories for specific digital cinema camera.  I am specifically looking into their IO module for the RED DSCM2 body style.

UPDATE:  The pics at came from the official Bright Tangerine Twitter feed, so game on!

This post at shows some of the digital mock-ups of what they are releasing.

Of particular interest to to me is the Master Module, which looks to be the smallest configuration to date that has proper audio inputs. (proper being any form of XLR or TRS with phantom power)

Also of note, on that image, is the small antennae off to the left side.   I wonder what that could be for?  Built in wireless video?  A booster for the built in Wi-fi ?  Lens control?  I’m guessing Wi-Fi antennae. has different mock-up angles that look like a totally different mock-up of the same items, showing V-Mount options and the other side.  I’m interested in knowing what those strange ports are on the left side and behind the audio on the right.

The power port placement looks like it might be ideal for

I am really hoping to see several compact I/O options for the DSMC2 body that have proper audio inputs.  To me, that’s the main weakness of my Epic-W right now.  There is currently no good audio solution that is compact and lightweight.