NAB 2017 – Angenieux announces 48-130 Optimo Style Lens


Agnenieux has announced a new zoom lens for NAB 2017, the Optimo Style 48-130 T3. This lens joins the T2.8 16-40 Optimo Style, the T2.8 Optimo Style 30-76 zooms.

I see this lens as a great compliment to the 16-40 style, and this definitely would be a two lens set to cover anything you might need on a typical set.

According to the Angenieux website:

The 48-130 T3 is a complementary zoom lens to the 16-40 T2.8 and 30-76 T2.8 Optimo Style short zooms. With a 2.7x zoom range, a long focal length of 130mm and a fast aperture of T3, the 48-130 Optimo Style is the ideal lens for a wide range of applications including documentaries, wildlife, interviews and features. With exceptional optical performances, great image coverage (Ultra S35 format up to 34.6mm image circle), minimal breathing and a fast aperture of T3 with no ramping, the 48-130 is a great companion for shooting high end digital productions . Its light weight and compactness provide a perfect balance for shoulder works while mounted on newest S35 digital cameras.  The 48-130 is sharing the same rugged and precise mechanical construction with the other Optimo Style short zooms,  making it a trusted tool while shooting in challenged environments. With that additional lens the Optimo Style short zooms cover a focal length range of 16mm to 260mm with the use of the 2x extender. This affordable package can be complemented with the 25-250 Optimo Style for specific tripod works.

Read the official press release