Cinetech show NAB 2017 Predictions – Updated


With NAB 2017 right around the corner we at the Cinetech Show have some predictions.  Some of these are wish list items and some we thing might actually happen.  We will be recording a podcast on Monday April 24th to see how off we were.Black Magic Design Logo

Showing off the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K. CORRECT!
Showing off the Resolve Panels. CORRECT!
NEW Micro Cinema Camera or Pocket Camera replacement. 4K WRONG!
NEW Ursa Mini Pro 6K. WRONG!
Fusion update. WRONG!  It was Resolve that got the major update.

AJA logo

No Cion.  At least I hope so. No NEW CAMERA.  That’s a correct.


Sony A9 Full Frame Still Camera CORRECT!  In fairness, this was announced before I posted.
FS5 MK II – Better codec internally? 422? I frame? WRONG!


No Booth this year CORRECT!
Red 8K Helium Cameras all over the show floor.  CORRECT!
IPP2 released CORRECT!
New V-Mount module (maybe with better IO options?) WRONG!
Scarlet W Price Increased by $2000 ($12900.00)


Two new Cine Primes Announced.
Shipping of original Cine Primes. WRONG! Still not shipping.
Price of $3999 each prime lens. WRONG!  I appears to be $3500 at this point.  I’ll take that.
Booth is packed and these lenses are a huge hit. CORRECT!